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Here’s a few oddball ways to practice your Spanish!




digital diaalects

Digital Dialects has some really fun games for practicing Spanish grammar and vocabulary. I especially recommend their math games to practice numbers – speak each equation out loud to force yourself to practice those numbers!


genki spanish

Genki Spanish has fun games that you can play with a partner!



BabaDum is an oddball vocab practice site that uses interesting images and animations to keep it fun!



If you use Duolingo, use some of the weird sentences as writing prompts. Write a short story integrating that weird sentence & you can post it on or Notebooks to get feedback.



lyrics is a cool site where you can discover Spanish music that you may like while practicing your listening skills and filling in the blanks of the lyrics as you listen.


¿Tienes otros recursos así? Share any other fun, oddball resources that you know of for Spanish study!