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Travel Tidbit: Omaha, Nebraska

If you know about the United States, you may think – What? Why would you go to Omaha, Nebraska?

It’s a small city (the biggest one in Nebraska though!) on the border of two rural states – Nebraska and Iowa. There isn’t much to write home about – mostly just crop fields outside of the city and typical businesses on the streets downtown. However, there is a charm to the people there.

Culturally, Nebraska is part of the Midwest region of the US, which is characterized by people being super “nice” and their use of the ‘you guys’ pronoun.

File:Map of USA Midwest.svg

The area in red are the states in the Midwest of the U.S.

I (Nikki) am from the Midwest as well – Illinois – so I am already accustomed to these cultural peculiarities, and I wouldn’t notice them unless I hadn’t been living outside of the Midwest for the past couple of years.

Have you ever been to the Midwest or Nebraska? Tell me about your experiences in the comments!