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5 Ways to Add More Language Study to Your Day – Without Spending More Time

You’ve probably figured out by now that you can squeeze in an extra X amount of minutes of language study into your day by cracking open your target language newspaper on the train to work or listening to a podcast during your commute. Whenever you have a few minutes of down time, like when you’re waiting for the bus or standing in line, you take out your phone for a vocab brush-up. Good for you, loyal language student!

Here are some more ideas on how to “upcycle” that spare time you might not have realized that you have for the noble goal of language study:

1. Sing in the Shower

While you may not actually want to sing, you can definitely use your shower time to chat yourself up in your target language. Beginners can list what body parts they are washing at the moment. More advanced learners can recount events that happened earlier in the day or the day before, or you can just sing away to your favorite target language song. Don’t worry – the sound of the water will drown out your bad notes, and that tricky pronunciation of the R you’ve been working on so hard!

2. Conjugate While You Work

Here when I say work, I mean housework, unless the nature of your professional work permits you to slap on some earphones and listen to a podcast or two! And you don’t actually have to conjugate either, unless that’s your cup of tea! While your two hands are busy folding laundry, washing the dishes, or scrubbing the floors, your ears can be busy listening away to that TV series you like in your target language or an audio book.

3. Work Out Your Body and Mind

Kicking some booty in the gym? Load up your iTunes with free language podcasts or some news reports – maybe some slowly spoken news for initial students.

4. Change Your Inner-Narrative

There’s no greater immersion than getting inside your own head. When you’re making your mental to-do or grocery list, do it in your target language. Or when you’re thinking about how to arrive at your destination, do it in your target language! If you try to change your inner narrative as much as possible into your target language, the more you’ll improve!

5. Get Social

How much time do you spend on social media? How about following or liking pages of users that post in you target language? If you fill your feed with your target language, even just glancing at headlines will have you thinking about your target language and spotting new vocab words to jot down.
You’re going to be doing all these things anyway, so do it in your target language! The more you do it, the easier it will get, and, actually, the faster you’ll improve!